What to Expect as a Karate Beginner

We offer a free introductory session to all prospective members, simply come along to one of our training sessions. Here's a little of what you can expect:

Introductions and background

When you arrive one of the instructors will introduce themselves. They will give you the choice of watching a class or joining in. We recommend joining in as this is the best way to gauge if Kenpo 5.0 is right for you or your children.

Before you start the instructor will normally ask you a few questions about your martial arts background and physical health. They will also provide you with a membership form. There is no obligation to join.

What to bring

If you think you might try it out, just wear a tee-shirt and shorts or track pants. Bring a bottle of water too....

The class

A typical class consists of a warm-up followed by either some fitness drills or some kicking and punching. This can be quite intensive, so just do what you can.

We then practice our techniques which are taught and discussed as part of a scenario or model. Kenpo 5.0 has combat models that link together with variations off an initial move or concept. This method of teaching vastly improves your ability to remember techniques and also ultimately be able to react to a situation without thinking. We teach and train with the reality of what is expected in the street. The class is normally broken up into various grades at this point with instructors providing guidance where appropriate. Learning to spar or fight is fundamental with Kenpo 5.0. However as a beginner you have to attend a few classes first and it is a gradual learning process rather than jump straight in, this provides ensures safety for both yourself and partner(s) you could be working with. At the end of every class we do some stretching as a cool down. Look at our photo gallery for an idea of what a class looks like.

If you have more questions please contact us.

Membership Details

All Members are required to complete and sign a membership form that includes details of any medical conditions or criminal convictions. Minors must have their membership form signed by a parent or guardian.

We also reserve the right to decline a membership application without having to give a reason for doing so

Children have a specially tailored programmes to learn the Martial Arts in a non-violent way. Learnt correctly, martial arts should be taught to children as a means of instilling positive discipline, character building, improving concentration skills, and for fitness. By enrolling your child in Kenpo 5.0, you can be sure that your child's individual needs are catered for and that they will be taught in a friendly and enjoyable learning environment.

No matter how mature your child may seem to be, they are not emotionally nor physically equipped to handle the same type of teaching as adults, and that is why we have separate classes for children and adults.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for our children to experience some form of bullying at one point or another during their school years. There is no doubt that this can cause a great deal of stress to both children and parents as they try and find a positive way of dealing with the situation, particularly if they feel that their concerns are not being addressed by the school, or other group in which the bullying is occurring.

Because our Karate for Kids syllabus is focused entirely upon the needs of children, there are some basic release skills which have proven effective in situations where one child has grabbed another.

Our 'safe' release skills have been demonstrated at different schools and community events over past years, winning the approval of many child-care professionals as a user-friendly approach to dealing with an unwelcome situation, without causing harm to anyone.

However, the best way in which to deal with bullying issues is through education. Teachers, school counsellors and of course, Martial Art Academies, are just some of the people who can assist with these types of problems.

A useful website to visit is that of Dr Ken Rigby, a recognised South Australian authority in the area of bullying prevention.

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