Our Karate for Kids program offers a safe, happy and encouraging environment where your children will:

  • learn self defense,
  • become “stranger aware”
  • learn how to deal with other kids at school, including bullies
  • develop personal discipline and confidence
  • get active, have fun and make new friends.

Karate for Kids classes are dynamic and fun and they suit everyone. Even the warm up exercises can get them grinning. We never focus on ONE thing but make sure the classes are well rounded, incorporating games, fitness activities, self defense skills and basic techniques.

Learning Karate Self-Defense Skills

The instructors at Karate For Kids will show your children how to do the techniques properly. By joining us they will be encouraged to learn how to do the skills properly so they won't hurt themselves or each other and they'll learn that karate is for the dojo (training hall), with other karate friends or to be used in self defense.

Karate Belts and Values

Blue belt, white stripe The Instructors at Karate for Kids design all the classes to ensure they are a good mix of high energy, fitness and fun. Promotions within the coloured belt system are incremental with belts being "striped" often. This is a constant motivating factor for each student to practice and improve. Students that practice more tend to be promoted more often.

Children are also taught Etiquette and Values inherent to being a Kenpo 5.0 student. All students wear 3 Chinese characters (Kanji) on their uniform (Gi) that reminds them of the values we hold in high regard in life; those being Wisdom, Strength and Kindness. These values along with focus, dedication and persistence encourage children to earn extra stripes on their belts. (Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma'am, and No Ma'am are also required).

...values we hold in high regard in life; those being Wisdom, Strength and Kindness...

Karate for Kids Program develops the essential physical skills for self defense like coordination, speed, power, flexibility, timing, balance and endurance through the practice of forms, self defense techniques, ground fighting, basic blocking, kicking, striking drills, and sparring. Classes are grouped by belt level to provide more individualised attention. The program also develops the life skills necessary to be successful in life such as self confidence, respect, persistence, self-esteem and leadership.

* Ask about our teens program for ages 13 and up.

Blue Belt  Standing ready  Junior Sparring  Standing ready
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