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We live in a constantly changing environment, and the techniques we use need to develop and adapt to reflect that. This is why Kenpo 5.0 is constantly developing and improving.

Kenpo is rooted in American Kenpo Karate but brings in modern techniques. It has a foundation of strong, fluid striking, and incorporates comprehensive ground fighting techniques.

Kenpo 5.0 takes the best of a number of arts and combines it into a comprehensive self-defence system.

Our club thrives on comradely and we pride ourselves on being part of the larger, worldwide, Kenpo family, so come down to the Cambridge Kenpo Dojo and join in on the action and learn the skills shown in the video above.

The values we hold in life through Kenpo are; Wisdom, Strenght and Kindness


Kenpo Intructor Headshots (Mark R)

Mark Robinson

I began my Kenpo journey in Jersey, the Channel Islands in 1990 and was hooked on the dynamic and exciting art from the start. However, it was a long 7-year wait until the art reached New Zealand.

The combined efforts of Messrs Joseph Ellerin, James Rodriguez, Simon Low, Fabian Niwa, Michael Moloney saw the beginning and ongoing development of Kenpo in New Zealand.

I tested for my Kenpo Black Belt in 2003 with fellow students Simon Low and Brendon Richardson. We tested under Grandmaster Speakman, Mr Trevor Sherman and Mr Rodriguez.

I have since graded to 6th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo 5.0 and continue my journey as a student of Master Speakman.

I now run the Cambridge JSK 5.0 Kenpo school. Greatly supported by my amazing senior students.

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    6th Degree Black Belt

Kenpo Instructor

Dan Chapman

Hi, I’m Dan Chapman. My martial arts journey was fuelled by an interest in Kung Fu movies from an early age, as many can relate to. From my early teens, I trained mostly in Kung Fu, attaining a black sash in Siu Lum Gar in 1989 and a second-degree black sash in 1992. My interests and training have included Sikaran Arnis, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Nam Wah Pa King Fu, Ninjutsu and Kempo Bushido Ryu.

I joined Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 in Cambridge after looking for a long time to find a style worth committing to, attaining my first-degree black belt in Las Vegas in 2018.

I appreciate the effectiveness and comprehensive nature of the Kenpo 5.0 system. It really is, the science of street fighting. It is a well-led organisation that maintains high standards and a supportive environment worldwide and provides a vehicle for children and adults to be encouraged to their full potential. I appreciate most that it is a live art and is constantly tweaking and evolving as opposed to more traditional arts which can seem rigid and inflexible in their application and interpretation.

Kenpo gives me the freedom to express myself as a martial artist while retaining all that is good and important about what martial arts offers us as individuals.
My other interests include motorcycling, travel, nature and family. I live in Cambridge and work as a courier in Hamilton

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    2nd Degree Black Belt

Aaron Bruce

My Name is Aaron Bruce, I have lived in Cambridge for 13 years and trained with Mark Robinson for over 10 years. I hold a 1st Degree Black belt in Kenpo 5.0.
Currently, I am studying at the University of Waikato for a degree in Mechanical engineering.

Martial Arts have always interested me, and after trying my first Kenpo 5.0 lesson, back in 2009, I was instantly hooked. Kenpo 5.0 to me is a lifestyle that promotes confidence, healthy wellbeing and a balance of strength, wisdom and kindness.

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    2nd Degree Black Belt

Kenpo Intructor Headshots (Alex)

Alexandra Hollands

Kenpo 5.0 has been my passion for a long time now. I love teaching to pass on my knowledge to others as this also helps me learn and develop my own skills with the art.

Competing and learning Kenpo has helped me grow confidence in myself and also respect for those around me.

I joined Kenpo at the age of 7 and have seen the Cambridge club grow and achieve more. Although, only doing this a short time compared to some it is so great to watch everyone not only grow individually in their own skills but together as a family.

I only wish to further develop my own skills and knowledge within the art and hopefully one day continue on what I have learnt from Mr Robinson and open my own club using the skills I have gathered over the years.

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    1st Degree Black Belt

Kenpo Instructor_2-3

Jason Jones

Hi, my name is Jason Jones. I have an agricultural background in dairy farming.

Physical fitness and mental wellbeing have always been important to me.

Kenpo 5.0 has more than rewarded me with these attributes over the last 15 years. Progression through Kenpo can also be different for everyone. I enjoy seeing students progress through the Kenpo process where their focus and discipline extends through to their daily life.

The progress can be as fast or slow as you like. Take a break from life if it’s just for an hour to push yourself physically and mentally. This can make a difference in your life, so this has been my reward.

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    3rd Degree Brown Belt

Kenpo Intructor Headshots (Glenda)

Glenda Harrison

I discovered Kenpo 5.0 some years ago, drawn to the martial art for the self-defence strategies and evolving techniques. 

As time has gone on fellow members have become friends, we have travelled to competitions, competing and supporting each other both here in New Zealand as well as Australia and the USA.

Our instructor Mr Robinson has been a strong supporter to me over the years with my belt journey, still striving for the Black Belt.

Being part of the instructor group I have been privileged to be working with the younger students to help start their Kenpo journey and watching them thrive. 

Wishing to pass on the learnings of Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 and help others enjoy the art as much as I do.

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    3rd Degree Brown Belt

Kenpo Intructor Headshots (Mark)

Mark Hollands

I started on my Kenpo journey firstly as a parent on the sideline watching my daughter in 2008. My wife, Glenda started around this time also. As they attended competitions and seminars my interest grew and eventually I began Kenpo in 2013.

I currently hold the rank of the green belt. I have really enjoyed the friendships I have developed over the years as well as watching the younger students developing their skills and then joining the adult’s classes and contributing their skills and ideas as well. It is always good to learn new techniques, forms and sets
with senior members always willing to teach me new material.

There is always new material to learn or improve upon, and this is very achievable with the support of Mr Robinson teaching and leading from the

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    1st Degree Brown Belt


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