Self Defence Classes

Self Defence Classes

Karate Classes

Karate classes at Cambridge Kenpo cater for a wide range of ages and is a great and fun way to learn self defence.  Learn from instructors that are passionate about the sport for building confidence, strength, skill and discipline.  With over 25 years of experience in the form of Martial Arts, you know that the instructors under the watch of their leader are teaching you the best that karate has to offer by the wealth of knowledge and best that Cambridge has to offer.

Little Dragons

Karate for Kids

(4-6 Year Olds)

Start your Kenpo journey here, with this dedicated program for young people.

Get fit and active, develop important motor skills and have heaps of fun and most of all meet new friends.

Kenpo Grading Sep 19 (5 Star) (60 of 129)


Karate for Confidence

(7-12 Year Olds)

The next step of the journey.

Start learning real self defence, develop confidence and self discipline, build on fitness and flexibility.

Kenpo Grading Sep 19 (5 Star) (90 of 129)


Young Adults

(12-15 Year Olds)

Continue to develop your Kenpo skills and refine your abilities. You also have the opportunity to develop as a Junior Instructor.

Kenpo Grading Sep 19 (5 Star) (16 of 129)


(15 years +)

Learn real self defence skills in a safe and supportive environment, build on your fitness and flexibility, meet new people and develop life skills and become part of the International Kenpo Family.

Kenpo Grading Sep 19 (5 Star) (36 of 129)

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Other Information

Learning Karate Self Defence Skills

The Instructors at Cambridge Kenpo will show you how to do the techniques properly and correctly. By joining our club you will be encouraged to learn how to use these skills properly so you won’t hurt yourself or each other, the discipline is to learn that karate is for the dojo (training hall), with other karate friends or to be used in self-defence only.


Karate Belts and Club Values

Cambridge Kenpo design all the classes to ensure they are a good mix of high energy, fitness and fun. Promotions within the coloured belt system are incremental with belts being “striped” often. This is a constant motivating factor for each student to practice and improve. Students that practice more tend to be promoted more often.

Children are also taught Etiquette and Values inherent to being a Kenpo 5.0 student. All students wear 3 Chinese characters (Kanji) on their uniform (Gi) that reminds them of the values we hold in high regard in life; those being Wisdom, Strength and Kindness. These values along with focus, dedication and persistence encourage children to earn extra stripes on their belts.

Cambridge Kenpo develops the essential physical skills for self defence like coordination, speed, power, flexibility, timing, balance and endurance through the practice of forms, self defence techniques, ground fighting, basic blocking, kicking, striking drills, and sparring. Classes are grouped by belt level to provide more individualised attention. The program also develops the life skills necessary to be successful in life such as self confidence, respect, persistence, self-esteem and leadership.